Pest Control Service Software


Opermax software for pest control is the solution that can help exterminators focus on the work instead of wasting time on paperwork, looking at maps to dispatch field workers, and helps keep all work centralized and accessible in a few clicks.

We built Opermax with functions like custom forms, which allows you to create check lists or surveys to be filled up by your field agents when doing entry point surveys, consultations, service, or maintenance.

Hygiene services, Fumigation, Geese hazing, or Bio-remediation, all these services require specific programs and treatments. Create all your products and services that can be entered in assessments, estimates, and invoices in a few clicks. Let your field agents be worry free when you control the products and services that they should use on the job. Custom fields on products and services will help you customize your workflow from the office to the field so that you can quickly produce accurate estimates for your clients.

Are you ready to use Opermax to manage every aspect of your business?

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