Field Service Solution For Smaller Size Companies


Powerful CRM

Opermax’s Customer Relationship Manager holds all your client information: contracts, contacts, service locations, historical visit information, notes, and attachments.

Group your clients; assign them individual payment terms, Service Level Agreements, and much more.

Custom forms and custom fields

Do you have your own fields that you want to add to our standard clients, service locations, quotes, invoices, work orders and other screens? It’s easy, just pick the form where you want your field to appear.


English, French, and Spanish are the languages we currently support. Just let us know which language you would like to see implemented and we will put it on our features whiteboard.

All custom forms and custom fields are backed by our multilingual support. Create your own fields and forms using your own business jargon.

Work orders

Our work order module has been in constant evolution since its inception. It is the most-used module in our system and contains all the information needed to take a job from creation to payment.

The module houses attachments, notes (office, field, client), special flags, assessments, quotes, expenses, worksheets, invoices, payments, custom forms, and eMailer (job specific communications inside each Work order).

The best way we found to consolidate all the details of a job in one place!

Asset tracking

Whether it was you or another vendor who installed a product at your client service location, our asset tracking feature gives you the ability to track what is installed where so that you can follow up with your client for a maintenance visit or to replace products approaching end-of-life.

Schedule & dispatch with drag and drop

Our Calendar page shows you all field agents, service zones, and work orders, and lets you drag and drop jobs to one or multiple field agents.

We also encourage businesses with multiple field agents and skillsets to try our SLA-MAX* feature, which recommends the closest, most qualified field agent for the job using our proprietary algorithm.

Live updates from the field

When your mobile agents check in on a job, your office agents and your client contacts receive an email notification. When your agents check out, email notifications contain information about the work done and if the job is complete or if another visit is required. Another way to keep your clients and your office automatically in sync with your field work.

Intelligent alerts

Quote generated and about to expire but client hasn’t called back? We will remind you to follow up. Our intelligent alerts will also notify you about overdue invoices.

Did your job get approval for 2 hours of labor but your field agent is still on site after 2? Our exceeded labor alert will let you know, so that your office agents can check why the job is taking longer than expected.

“Missed visits”, “need to order parts”, “quote approved but job not yet assigned”, are other intelligent alerts that will help you stay on top of your business.


Need to follow up on a part you ordered? To schedule a delivery? Or even to enter your vacation time? Create a reminder.

Reminders can be created by each user, or by management for the users.

Instant quotes

Generate quotes and get approval on the spot. Professional-looking quotes sent electronically from the desktop or a tablet will clearly show your clients that your business is tidily organized. Clients can approve the quotes themselves either by having an Opermax account (client access is free of charge), or by clicking on the private link in the emails sent by company user through the Opermax platform.

Electronic worksheets and signatures

Paper-based? good luck guessing your field worker’s handwriting, or finding that lost worksheet.

Electronic worksheets and client signatures that get uploaded instantaneously to your Opermax company account will provide your office and your clients with easily-viewable documents and clear descriptions of what was done, and who signed off.

Custom product pricing

Most service businesses negotiate different prices with their clients. With our custom pricing feature you can assign individual product pricing per client or client group (client groups mostly used for working with general contractors and commercial/industrial contracts). All your pricing changes are tracked and automatically populated in your quotes, or work orders, without the need to look at price lists and search for last-price-given-to-that-client.

Fast invoicing

Directly invoice what has been entered on worksheets, or what was approved by your clients. Do not wait for your field agents to send you quotes or worksheets on paper, fax, or phone pictures. Our process makes your work order items available for billing as soon as you are ready to generate an invoice.

Process ePayments

Integrate with major credit card payment processors and accept payments in the field or from the office. Integrating your Opermax account with a Chase, Paypal, Braintree,, or other merchant accounts is seamless and very easy to setup.

Integrate with accounting systems.

Synchronize your Opermax invoices with QuickBooks online. Other accounting systems integration available on demand.


How is your business doing? Analyze by client, service zone, or even field agent. Generate reports and download them for offline viewing.

You can compare years/months performance, check your billables, your agents vacation time, and much more.

Not-To-Exceed cost controls (NTE)

Service contractors with commercial clients love Opermax for the built-in checks and balances.

Do you work with a Not-To-Exceed limit? Turn it on in your Company settings and you’re set!

Jobs with an NTE will allow your office to control work to be done in the field. Assessed products and services can go on worksheets and get billed only after they get approved by your office, or by a field agent who has the permissions to do so.

If a job has one or more product or service that goes over the Not-To-Exceed limit, the office will be able to approve part of the work so that your field agent can get started. The agent can then generate a quote and get it approved by your client before the work can continue.

Make sure your engagements are respected, and your clients, office, and field agents in sync – in real-time.

Are you ready to use Opermax to manage every aspect of your business?

We have created a complete business management solution based on the requirements and feedback from business owners and managers, just like you.